Marie Antoilette Leo Tights
Marie Antoilette Leo Tights

Marie Antoilette Leo Tights

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Reveal your passion and freedom to a wild and poetic journey with these "One of a Kind" LEO printed design encompassing original wonderlands with a blast of colours. Stand out from the crowd with a burst of colourful energy.
French fashion and manufactured in France these high quality tights wash and wear extremely well.


COMPOSITION Polyamide (Nylon) 96%, Elastane 4%

DENIER 50 (almost opaque) 


Marie Antoilette is a unique brand from France. Each of the Marie Antoilette designs is original and different to anything else on the market. 

She observes the women around her, in the street, the subway, she dreams of drawings that adapt to the leg, which sublimate it. The question that Valérie asks herself before creating each pantyhose; What would my daughter, my friends, want to wear? This woman I met yesterday, what universe corresponds to it? "

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