Kunert SOFT WOOL/COTTON Pantyhose/Tights (Warm, Cosy, Quality) 399200

  • $52.95 AUD

Starts with Legs & Kunert - Germany's Premium Hosiery....

The SOFT WOOL COTTON tights pamper your legs with a unique wearing comfort. The combination of warm merino wool on the outside and cotton on the inside makes these KUNERT tights the best choice in the cooler months. A mix of natural fibres always makes a product more comfortable to wear. These soft wool and cotton tights are perfect for any time of year as they will sit close to your skin and feel comfortable no matter what the weather. However, they are best worn in the winter months as they will trap your own body heat in, and keep you cosy all day. Wear with dresses or skirts and perhaps a nice pair of knee high boots and you'll be very on trend.

Brand Nationality

60% Merino Wool
28% Cottom
12% Polyamide (Nylon) 
2% Elastin





The brand Kunert stands for premium quality hosiery made in Germany for women and men. Kunert's collection includes tights, leggings, stockings, and socks made of precious and innovative materials, yarns and natural fibers. Comfortable basics are available as well as products in stylish and trendy patterns and colours. Kunert also produces items providing functionalities such as shapewear, compression and climate regulation. Whether you opt for a natural bare leg appearance in nude shades or for shapewear or compression functionality, all Kunert products are skillfully designed and made for fulfilling the highest standards with regard to appearance, fit and durability.