• Gerbe  DUO 40 MATERNITY Pantyhose/Tights (Adjustable Waistband)
  • Gerbe  DUO 40 MATERNITY Pantyhose/Tights (Adjustable Waistband)
  • Gerbe  DUO 40 MATERNITY Pantyhose/Tights (Adjustable Waistband)

Gerbe DUO 40 MATERNITY Pantyhose/Tights (Adjustable Waistband)

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Starts with Legs - GERBE French Fashion!!

This season is one of firsts for Gerbe. Their very first pair of maternity tights. With Gerbe's superb quality behind it, Duo is every bit as brilliant as we expected. Soft yet durable, luxurious yet perfect for everyday wear. Besides its amazing quality, the design is also incredibly innovative, adding a special expanding loop at the front to help find the perfect fit. Duo is quite simply the perfect pair of maternity tights.

Brand Nationality

40 (Opaque) 
84% Polyamide ( Nylon)
16% Elastine


Colours available

How to care for your hosiery.

Nothing ruins your day more than putting on your favourite piece of hosiery and finding a large rip or they have stretched. With a little TLC your hosiery will stay rip free, in shape and last for many wears.


Its important to take care of your hosiery when putting them on and removing them. Simply roll each leg of your hosiery until you reach the end, slip your toes in and slowly pull them all the way up. Don’t try and pull them to high as you may cause them to stretch or tear.


When it comes to washing your hosiery, always turn them inside out and opt for hand washing in cold water and detergent. If you are not a fan of hand washing, place them in a wash bag and select the delicate cycle of your machine.

It may seem easy to throw your hosiery in the tumble dryer, however you run the risk of either shrinkage or losing their shape. Gently lay them out to drip dry and have hosiery that accentuate your shape.


Storing your hosiery is just as important as how you wash them. Avoid tangling them up in a drawer and instead fold them in thirds or roll them up. Your drawers will look neat and most importantly your hosiery will stay in shape and last multiple uses.


Special consideration needs to be given to stay-ups because of the delicate rows of silicone on the thigh bands. Before wearing, avoid the use of creams, ointments and talc powders, as they may bond with the silicone bands and neutralise their ability to adhere to the legs. Wash in lukewarm water, preferably using a mild shampoo. Avoid hot water as it will damage the silicone. Lie them flat to dry.



Made in France since 1904, Gerbe is one of the best, and leading hosiery manufactures in the world. Gerbe is recognized as a prestigious brand for fine and luxurious products, made for those who desire that sensational feeling of silk enhanced hosiery.Founded in 1904 by Stephane Gerbe, the brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values: a production 100% made in France, a unique "Savoir Faire", high quality material choices and hand made"Haute Couture", providing unsurpassed comfort, painstaking verification throughout manufacture and final control of each item.