Kunert SOFT WOOL/COTTON Pantyhose/Tights (German Prestige Hosiery)

  • $49.50

Kunert German Hosiery Soft Wool Cotton Pantyhose/Tights -Starts with Legs

Warming wool outside and soft cotton inside. High proportion of natural fibres and perfect fit. Pressure free comfort top without constricting rubber threads.

60% wool

25% cotton

13% polyamide

2% elastin

Colours available:

Black Pantyhose/Tights

Antracite Grey /Black Pantyhose/Tights

Marine Pantyhose /Tights




This premium brand stands for the timeless, classic and sophisticated  from Germany - for over 100 years, Kunert brand stands for perfect legs. This is a living tradition and reinforces the drive for their products. A combination of affordable elegance and distinctive style, outstanding quality and unsurpassed fit together.

An international company for high quality legwear for women and men.  They have been producing and selling premium stockings since 1907.

They are at home in socks, tights, stockings, knee socks & Co. Because of their r credo is passion for the legs. This is ensured by the finest materials, refined details and perfect craftsmanship.

The brand Kunert always stood for beautiful legs. This is a living tradition and at the same time drive for all products.

They combine unmistakable modernity, outstanding quality and unsurpassed fit.

Permanent research and development are constantly creating new, innovative products that are unique in the stocking industry.

It is also the highest priority to constantly optimize their products to consistently exceed the demands and expectations of our customers.