Starts with Legs - MEN ONLY - Sizing for women's Tights, Stay -Ups and Stockings - keeping it easy !

This type of figure fits into the small category- approximate sizing 1 or 2.  in Tights, Stay ups or Stockings.

                                             With any  selection it is ok to purchase  the next size up as it will still be suitable.

                          A percentage of Lycra in hosiery - will return to its original shape, rather than stretching out of shape.)




   This type of figure fits into the medium category approximate sizing 2 - 3 Tights, Stockings and Stay- ups.




These types of figure fit into the large category of Tights, Stockings and Stay ups 3 - 4 most tights contain some lycra

                                              so they are easy to wear and  fit well.




         This type of figure would fit into the XL Range 5,6,7,8

    This type of figure and full selection would be from our plus size range of Tights, Stay ups and Stockings selection or alternatively some 6,7,8,





This type of woman would require the Maternity stockings, though most women  who are pregnant up till approximately 4 months would stay at the same size then you may need to consider the Maternity type of hosiery.


I know this is still confusing to some - so please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have the person's general sizing as far as a dress or skirt etc and their height that helps even more when you talk to us.

All stock is returnable as long as in its original packaging if you still need assistance please email me at

 Hosiery specialists including Socks, Plus size, Tights, Stockings, Stay ups, Shapewear and more....




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