What Is So Great About Cotton Tights?

      Cotton tights are most loved for their comfort and coolness. Being a natural, plant-based fibre, cotton feels beautifully soft against the skin but it's not just the softness of the fabric that makes cotton tights so comfortable to wear. It has excellent wicking properties which draw heat and moisture away from the skin. This keeps the skin dry and prevents bacteria from growing which in turn minimises nasty odours. Cotton is smooth, easy to wear and very few people are allergic to or irritated by it.

      Are Cotton Tights Great For Fashion?

      Absolutely they are! Cotton retains colour and dyes easily, meaning that vibrant coloured cotton tights abound. Cotton catches the light in such a way that they have a truly matt appearance. If you prefer matt tights to shiny tights, you will adore cotton tights. The way cotton catches the light also makes it an excellent choice for knitted textures such as cable and ribbed designs, particularly common during cold winter months. Another great thing about cotton is its durability. So if you buy a pair of cotton tights that you love, you will be pleased to know that they will more than likely last longer than most synthetic tights.

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