Oroblu SILVER LINE Pantyhose/Tights (Incredible Detail)

  • $37.95 AUD

 Starts with Legs Italian Fashion Hosiery from Oroblu....

Oroblu have got some of the most creative and on trend items for us this season and Tropical Tattoo is one of the most exciting and detailed. Tattoo tights have become very popular right now, and Oroblu have given us one of the best and most interesting of the year. These fashion tights have an incredibly detailed pattern that captures your imagination and gives an almost realistic tattoo look. This is a great way to get the head turning qualities of a full length leg tattoo without having to commit to something too bold or colourful.

Brand Nationality

83% Polyamide (Nylon) 
17% Elastan

20 Denier

Colours Available



Excellence and glamour for an irresistible look and feel. Innovation blended with quality is the extremely special mark of Italian hosiery brand Oroblu, who are are well known for their fashionable, sophisticated and elegant designs.