• Trasparenze MALVASIA Womens Knee High Socks (Leopard Print!!)

Trasparenze MALVASIA Womens Knee High Socks (Leopard Print!!)

  • $19.99

 Starts with Legs Trasparenze Italian Fashion....

Absolute beautiful styling with these Spotted animal motif knee-high socks, which is a must have for the fall/winter season. A top-notch knee-high that will not go unnoticed. Knee-high with comfort elastic, reinforced toe, ironed.

Brand Nationality

95% Polyamide (Nylon)
10% Elastine 

20 Denier

1 Size fits all

Leopard print

About Transparenze

When wearing tights and stockings from Trasparenze collection you know that your body has nothing to hide. In fact, your beauty transpires from every filament and it is enhanced by the commitment and dedication we put in giving our products all the comfort and quality you need. A wide range of products specifically designed for your needs: from hold-up stockings to more classic stockings for suspender belt, from lighter tights to the high denier ones, from the most popular colors to the most original ones. Choose the tailored tights made for you, suitable for every season, only and exclusively Made in Italy. Trasparenze will surprise you with its fine yarns: silk tights for important legs, in cashmere for soft caresses and Merinos wool to have endurance without giving up lightness. Every moment of a woman's life needs the perfect tights and that is why Trasparenze always have the right product at the right time.