• Oroblu FLOWER YELLOW Socks (Italian Hosiery)

Oroblu FLOWER YELLOW Socks (Italian Hosiery)

  • $18.99

Oroblu Italian Hosiery Flower Yellow Picture Ankle Socks - Starts with Legs

Opaque printed socks available in three different coloured patterns, each with a different floral “photographic” pattern. Low and comfortable border.


50 Denier

Colours available:

Yellow Ankle Socks

*One Size*


Excellence and glamour for an irresistible look and feel. Innovation blended with quality is the extremely special mark of Italian hosiery brand Oroblu, who are are well known for their fashionable, sophisticated and elegant designs. Oroblu offers something for everyone through their creative styling and use of innovative materials. 

Oroblù is an internationally renowned Italian brand operating in the women’s hosiery and lingerie sector which belongs to the CSP International Fashion Group Spa, a company founded in 1973, today listed in the stock exchange. For more than 30 years Oroblù has proposed elegant and modern collections, innovative and quality clothes designed to make women look feminine and natural and make the Italian design and style known around the world. Collections that bring together all the know-how of a company that has always based its success on its production capacity, paying attention to all the different aspects of women’s beauty: available in the best shops and luxury department stores with timeless classics and modern clothes, Oroblù collections introduce new trends for socks, sheer tights and lingerie but also new outfits consisting of well designed clothes with high-performance fabrics.