Oroblu Grid Socks

Oroblu Grid Socks

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Graphic is the more abstract or man-made items of leg wear that Oroblu have for us this year. It is a simple and yet really eye catching design, something able to be paired with much, and yet it distracts from little. This really is the Holy Grail for fashion tights and fashion socks designers, an item that can grab your attention and yet go with nearly anything in your wardrobe. Quite the achievement for such a small garment.

Brand Nationality

Composition : 86% Polyamide (Nylon) ,6% Polypropylene, 6% Elastan


One size fits all

Excellence and glamour for an irresistible look and feel. Innovation blended with quality is the extremely special mark of Italian hosiery brand Oroblu, who are are well known for their fashionable, sophisticated and elegant designs.

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