• Oroblu FLOWERY KNEE HIGH Socks (Head Turner!!)

Oroblu FLOWERY KNEE HIGH Socks (Head Turner!!)

  • $22.95 AUD

Starts with Legs Italian Fashion Hosiery from Oroblu....

Oroblu have made some of the most special and gorgeous and creative floral prints and patterns this season. This is one of them, and it is a more subtle but just as sumptuous floral knee high design. This is a stunning design and one with a classic print, but is creative thanks to the light and thin border. This makes it a little more head turning without using bright colours or other difficult to pair elements. It is the finest and best way to make something unique and something that stands out whilst keeping the design subtle.

Brand Nationality

75% Polyamide (Nylon)
15% Polypropylene
10% Elastane

One Size Fits All



Excellence and glamour for an irresistible look and feel. Innovation blended with quality is the extremely special mark of Italian hosiery brand Oroblu, who are are well known for their fashionable, sophisticated and elegant designs.