Kunert FLY & CARE 40 NYLON COMPRESSION Women's Tights 348800 5 colours!!!!

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Starts with Legs & Kunert - Germany's Premium Hosiery 

Supportive tights against tired legs

Lufthansa Officially Licensed Product - First class comfort for your legs.
The graduating compression, reinforced panty, supported toe and comfort heel are all designed brilliantly to keep your legs feeling superb for 24 hours. Kunert originally,piloted their new design with Lufthansa, the German airline. The crew of their long-haul flights couldn't have been happier with them. These are now used by a whole host of airlines as uniform, and the durability and constant care and attention they give your legs is astounding. There's no better item for the occasion.
24-hour leg comfort offers pleasant relief. Regardless of whether it be a long day sitting on a plane, in a car or at a desk, or continual standing, a soothing relief from any strain is guaranteed.
Supports the legs. Contribute to your relief with beneficial support for every activity and the 24 hour leg comfort offers the highest wearing comfort for feeling good. Even anatomical pressure flow – starting at the ankle and slowly losing pressure upwards – which supports the leg’s veins in all their functions. Sitting or standing for long periods of time strains your body, so  enjoy less heavy, swollen legs with these tights the day before and after the strenuous activity. High-class materials and exquisite manufacture have created a long lasting support tight of perfect functionality and impressive elegance. The elegant look is combined with the support of your legs. The mattte hosiery range by KUNERT round off your outfit in the office, in the car or on air travel perfectly.


Brand Nationality


80% Polyamide (Nylon) 
20% Elastin




The brand Kunert stands for premium quality hosiery made in Germany for women and men. Kunert's collection includes tights, leggings, stockings, and socks made of precious and innovative materials, yarns and natural fibers. Comfortable basics are available as well as products in stylish and trendy patterns and colours. Kunert also produces items providing functionalities such as shapewear, compression and climate regulation. Whether you opt for a natural bare leg appearance in nude shades or for shapewear or compression functionality, all Kunert products are skillfully designed and made for fulfilling the highest standards with regard to appearance, fit and durability.