Levante Energia Compression Sock Knee High
Levante Energia Compression Sock Knee High

Levante Energia Compression Sock Knee High

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 12 -15 Compression-Specially designed to help relieve tired,aching legs,swollen feet and ankles. The graduated compression built into ENERGIA compression socks helps prevent blood pooling in the lower leg during long period of standing or sitting, thus improving circulation.

Energia Compression socks promote a cool dry feeling through the use of special yarns, featuring a "cotton on the skin" knitting tecnique allowing rapid moisture transport away from the skin.  The specially contrusted top provides supreme fit without the discomfort of elastic.  Finished with a cleverley designed "contriction free" toe section

COMPOSITION: 67% Cotton, 26% Polyamide (Nylon), 7% lycra/elastin

Positioned at the upper end of the market, Levante is recognised for offering everyday luxury to the discerning consumer. With its hallmark features of Italian knitting yarn technologies, the Levante brand is unsurpassed in Australia for innovation, style and quality. Levante Italy prides itself on its technological sophistication and efficiency, total quality management and ability to incorporate all stages of production internally, ensuring an end product to meet the highest consumer standards globally.

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