Winter Silk Tights - Gerbe Hosiery

Winter Silk Tights - Gerbe Hosiery

Winter Silk Tights by Gerbe Hosiery and Starts with Legs

Beautiful winter warmth, softness and elegance with Rhovyl/Silk jersey knit. Invisible reinforced toe and heel.

Chlorofibers and Rhovyl are synthetic texitle fibres made from a PVC solution derived from natural products of sea salt, base coal and oil. The term refers to all textile fibers from PVC which are non-flammable and do not emit droplets during combustion. They are waterproof and dry quickly, crease-resistant and have a high thermal insulation, electric and acoustic coefficient.



60% chlorofibre

27% polyamide

11% silk

2% elastin 






Colours available :

Noir (black) tights   



Made in France since 1904, Gerbe is one of the best, and leading hosiery manufactures in the world. Gerbe is recognized as a prestigious brand for fine and luxurious products, made for those who desire that sensational feeling of silk enhanced hosiery. Explore Gerbe Hosiery

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