Cette Laguna Beach Tight Open Toe
Cette Laguna Beach Tight Open Toe
Cette Laguna Beach Tight Open Toe
Cette Laguna Beach Tight Open Toe

Cette Laguna Beach Tight Open Toe

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A must have in any wardrobe. Very fine matte with open toe, perfect to wear with open shoes or sandals. With small loops around the big and small toe to keep the tights in place and cotton gusset. Great moisturizing (Aloe Vera) in Sideria yarn for exceptional transparency.

Brand Nationality

49% Polyamide (Nylon)
50% Elastin
1% Cotton
    9 Denier
      Extra Large



        How to care for your hosiery.

        Nothing ruins your day more than putting on your favourite piece of hosiery and finding a large rip or they have stretched. With a little TLC your hosiery will stay rip free, in shape and last for many wears.


        Its important to take care of your hosiery when putting them on and removing them. Simply roll each leg of your hosiery until you reach the end, slip your toes in and slowly pull them all the way up. Don’t try and pull them to high as you may cause them to stretch or tear.


        When it comes to washing your tights, always turn them inside out and opt for hand washing in cold water and detergent. If you are not a fan of hand washing, place them in a wash bag and select the delicate cycle of your machine.

        It may seem easy to throw your tights in the tumble dryer, however you run the risk of either shrinkage or losing their shape. Gently lay them out to drip dry and have tights that accentuate your shape.


        Storing your hosiery is just as important as how you wash them. Avoid tangling them up in a drawer and instead fold them in thirds or roll them up. Your drawers will look neat and most importantly your hosiery will stay in shape and last multiple uses.

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