Gerbe French Hosiery Voile Boutique 20 Denier Handmade Pantyhose/Tights (available Plus Size) -Starts with Legs

  • $53.99

Gerbe French Hosiery Voile Boutique 20 Denier Handmade Pantyhose/Tights (available Plus Size) -Starts with Legs

Preciously hand made in France .... timeless elegance in classic finish ... made of precious stretch Voile which creates ultra-light wearing comfort and the natural-looking matte transparency is of charming appeal.  Made with invisible reinforcements for a longer last and a silk rear panel designed gusset to ensure an ideal fit.



98% Polyamide - Nylon
2% Silk  



20 (sheer)


Colours available:

Gazelle (dark beige) Pantyhose / Tights

Au Natural Pantyhose/Tights
Nuage (natural shade)    Pantyhose/Tights
Sinfonie  (light grey)   Pantyhose/Tights
Noir (black)Pantyhose/Tights


Maintenance Tips 

  • ideally wash your items by hand in warm soapy water at a temperature of about 30 ° C
  • possibility also to wash your items in the machine after having slipped into a protective net

          no tumble drying, no ironing, no dry cleaning

How to put on your tights for optimal comfort and well-being

  • to sit up
  • rolling on itself, all the way to the tip, each leg of the pantyhose by inserting the thumb inside
  • put the foot down to the bottom of the ankle and check the correct position of the tip and heel
  • stretch slightly in width and gradually unwind, gently, the leg of the pantyhose to the middle of the thigh
  • put the second leg of the tights in the same way


  • to stand up
  • carefully slip on the upper leg and pantyhose of the pantyhose and check the correct positioning of the belt at the waist




Made in France since 1904, Gerbe is one of the best, and leading hosiery manufactures in the world. Gerbe is recognized as a prestigious brand for fine and luxurious products, made for those who desire that sensational feeling of silk enhanced hosiery.Founded in 1904 by Stephane Gerbe, the brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values: a production 100% made in France, a unique "Savoir Faire", high quality material choices and hand made"Haute Couture" confection providing un -match able comfort, painstaking verification throughout manufacture and final control of each item.