Gerbe FOLY Pantyhose/Tights - SEDUCTION WEAPON!! (Plus Size Available)

  • $30.00 AUD
  • $59.95 AUD

Starts with Legs - GERBE French Fashion!!

A seduction weapon…Sexy but no less ingenious. They have all the sensuality of stockings without the need for a suspender belt. The 15 denier leg has a slight sheen and the suspender waistband has a lovely lace top. 

Brand Nationality

90% Polyamide (Nylon)
10% Elastin 

15 (sheer)

1 Small
2 Medium
3 Large
4 Extra Large
5 2XL
6 3XL

Colours available





Made in France since 1904, Gerbe is one of the best, and leading hosiery manufactures in the world. Gerbe is recognized as a prestigious brand for fine and luxurious products, made for those who desire that sensational feeling of silk enhanced hosiery.Founded in 1904 by Stephane Gerbe, the brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values: a production 100% made in France, a unique "Savoir Faire", high quality material choices and hand made"Haute Couture", providing unsurpassed comfort, painstaking verification throughout manufacture and final control of each item.