Oroblu Icon Seduction Heart Tights
Oroblu Icon Seduction Heart Tights

Oroblu Icon Seduction Heart Tights

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Icon is perhaps Oroblu's most interesting and intriguing range of items yet, one that takes modern and abstract designs and adds heaps of sensuality to the mix. These tights are a traditional backseam tights design, an undisputed classic, and one of the best ways to make your design sexy. But the bands of tiny diamonds and the black block at the back give it a minimalist and abstract appearance that makes it fascinating. It has a kind of Bond Girl look to it that is devilishly sexy and fierce, whilst keeping that classic look of the backseam, a balance only a master designer can manage.

Brand Nationality

92% Polyamide (Nylon) 
1% Polypropylene
6% Elastan


Excellence and glamour for an irresistible look and feel. Innovation blended with quality is the extremely special mark of Italian hosiery brand Oroblu, who are are well known for their fashionable, sophisticated and elegant designs. 

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