Marie Antoilette Princess Au Petit Socks
Marie Antoilette Princess Au Petit Socks
Marie Antoilette Princess Au Petit Socks

Marie Antoilette Princess Au Petit Socks

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“Princesse au Petit Pois”, the princess and the pea! Fun stacks of patterns totter to the top, where the princess sleeps soundly—or does she?

French fashion and manufactured in France these high quality tights wash and wear extremely well.


Polyamide (Nylon) 96% 
Elastin 4%

50 (almost opaque) 



Marie Antoilette is a unique brand from France. Each of the Marie Antoilette designs is original and different to anything else on the market. 

Originally from Lyon, Valérie studied at the Emile Cohl school, where she graduated with honors and special jury prize for "her humor and for the diversity of techniques used" ... A humor that we find in each of her collections. In February 2011, she presents her very first collection during a special exhibition at the Village des Créateurs. With her success, she opens a shop where she can present and sell her creations. With each release of a new model, Valerie already has an idea of ​​the next.

She observes the women around her, in the street, the subway, she dreams of drawings that adapt to the leg, which sublimate it. The question that Valérie asks herself before creating each pantyhose; What would my daughter, my friends, want to wear? This woman I met yesterday, what universe corresponds to it? " Today, thanks to the creativity and determination of her team, Marie Antoilette celebrates her 3 years. It took off in new manufacturing premises at the beginning of the year. 

The tights Marie Antoilette received the price of Lingerie Intima Creator at the international lingerie show in 2014.

the Marie Antoilette company received the LVE "Coup de coeur" prize, from the city of Lyon in 2014. 

She received the Golden Swan's Coup de Coeur Award, awarded by the Val de Saône to companies in 2016.

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