Columbine COLOUR FOOTLESS Leggings (Huge range of colours)

  • $5.00 AUD
  • $13.99 AUD
50 Denier Leggings by Columbine Hosiery and Starts with Legs
Enjoy excellent coverage with these .... every woman needs hosiery that offers a cosy fit that flatters curves but still offers better climate control in cold weather. Opaque Stockings provide a 50 denier thickness for an ideal fit that works well when the temperature drops. Wear as an extra layer or pair with your favourite skirts and dresses so you can continue looking stylish, even in the winter months! Columbine Opaque Stockings are designed to offer long lasting wear with a soft touch.
 50 (opaque)
Colours available:
  • Black Leggings
  • Sapphire Leggings
  • Grey Leggings 
  • Navy Leggings
  • Chocolate Leggings
  • Tulip Leggings
  • Green Leggings
Columbine Industries Ltd is a family owned manufacturer and distributor of high quality hosiery since 1951. Columbine is the only remaining New Zealand based hosiery manufacturer producing the full hosiery range.