MP Denmark Children MARCUS HEDGEHOG WOOL Tights (Fun for all Kids) 39016

  • $32.95 AUD
  • $32.95 AUD

Starts with Legs MP Denmark Exclusive Collection...


Blue wool and a hedgehog pattern bring together an MP Denmark favourite. Warm, comfortable and with colours that are a staple to any outfit these tights will provide many options to your wardrobe....

Brand Nationality


65% Superwash Wool
17% Polyamide (Nylon)
3% Elastin
15% Matallic


22-26" (0.5-1 Year Old)
26-30" (1-1.5 Year Old)
30-34" (1-2 Year Old)
34-38" (2-3 Year Old)
38-42" (3-4 Year Old)
42-46" (4-6 Year Old)
46-50" (6-8 Year Old)
50-54" (8-10 Year Old)
54-58" (10-12 Year Old)


Founded by Martin Pederson in 1937, Scandinavian brand MP have had over 75 years of experience in creating high quality socks and hosiery. Each pair is crafted using the finest wool or softest, stretch cotton to provide a perfect fit and quality that is made to last.