Cecilia de Rafael 20 Tights
Cecilia de Rafael 20 Tights

Cecilia de Rafael 20 Tights

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Eterno is a superb choice for those who want something almost invisible, yet robust, long lasting and infinitely comfortable. The 20 denier material is as light as gossamer, but it is made with a sturdy yarn and woven in a way that makes it ladder resistant and rather difficult to damage. With no waistband, the illusion of a completely bare leg is sustained and yet the sheen and colour of these tights and the tan effect on your leg is maintained.


    70% Polyamide (Nylon) 
    30% Elastan

    DENIER 20

    Cecilia de Rafael hosiery brand has the largest collection of sheer tights. CdR is well known for its glossy sheer tights, matching all skin tones, from pale to tanned. The Spanish hosiery brand also offers some of our best-selling opaque tights, retro stockings and amazing fashion tights. Cecilia de Rafael tights are available in larger sizes, too, and are incredibly good fitting.

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