Starts with Legs Shapewear Hosiery

The innovative cosmetic textile product for your daily wellbeing. Made of refined high-quality yarns, this massage shaping underwear is a valid allied in your fight against cellulite imperfections, invisible under any type of dress, it can be worn outside or at home during your daily activities. 

High-technologically cosmetic product with a DOUBLE ACTION:
1. HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE: fabric produced with honeycomb design inside, which creates a micro-massage and stimulates the micro-circulation of the skin.
2. EMANA FIBER: it contains bio-active mineral crystals in its polymeric matrix, which absorb the human body heat and send them back as far infrared ray (FIR). These rays produce a natural heat which penetrates into the skin and, interacting with the body, accelerate its blood microcirculation.

1. Skin elasticity
2. Skin tone
3. Slimming effect
4. Cellulitis reduction

This piece of cloth is the secret weapon against cellulitis and for this reason CALZITALY suggests you should wear it for at least 30 days and minimum 6 hours per day to obtain visible effects. The longer you wear them, the higher the results are.
Its tested efficacy increases if supported by a healthy diet and a regular physical activity. Valid on every type of skin. Contraindication: do not use during pregnancy

Brand Nationality

90% Polyamide (Nylon)
10% Elastane 




Graduated compression and shaping : your beauty secret.

Thinking of women, always attentive to their figure but also to their well-being, Calzitaly has created a collection entirely dedicated to rest and the lightness of the legs, but also to the beautiful appearance of the body. With the aim of enhancing the curves in the right way, raising the buttocks, flattening the tummy and containing the waistline, Calzitaly has created a collection of items targeted and designed for women who consider perfection as a must. The assortment offers body control support tights and shaping tights with Push-Up effect, technical items ideal for shaping the silhouette, but also comfortable and effective, thanks to their reinforced bodices.