Starts with Legs Shapewear Hosiery

These pantyhose are the result of a long research process to develop the perfect product for you! Perfect to be worn all day long, these 70 den anticellulite tights will become your discreet ally and an innovative treatment for your skin, with their imperceptible effective action, thanks to their DOUBLE ACTION:

1. EMANA FIBER: it contains bio-active mineral crystals in its polymeric matrix, which absorb the human body heat and send them back as far infrared ray (FIR). These rays produce a natural heat which penetrates into the skin and, interacting with the body, accelerate its blood microcirculation. EMANA FIBER: Efficacy tested by Rhodia Solvay Group – Emana Certificate number 10217
2. SHAPER EFFECT: these tights have also a shaping function on the opaque panty section, which lifts buttocks and tames tummy.

1. Skin elasticity
2. Skin tone
3. Slimming effect
4. Cellulitis reduction

This piece of cloth is the secret weapon against cellulitis and for this reason CALZITALY suggests you should wear it for at least 30 days and minimum 6 hours per day to obtain visible effects. The longer you wear them, the higher the results are.
Its tested efficacy increases if supported by a healthy diet and a regular physical activity. Do not use during pregnancy. Valid on every type of skin. With flat seams, reinforced toes and cotton gusset to assure maximum comfort.

Brand Nationality

89% Polyamide (Nylon)
10% Elastane 
1% Cotton




Your Allies For Fighting Cellulite.

Who at least once in life has not had to clash with that annoying enemy called cellulite? When you come across those unsightly signs, you immediately think about how you can fight them and then look for methods, products, creams and lotions that can reduce the signs of cellulite or remove them once and for all.

All women know that eliminating the imperfections of cellulite is often demanding and expensive, both from the economic point of view and the amount of time spent. This is why Calzitaly has created a line of anti-cellulite products designed to help you deal with this problem in an easy and comfortable way.

Anti-cellulite Tights and Leggings To Take Care Of Your Legs.
Taking care of your legs is an essential activity: even if we sometimes neglect it, in reality, the well-being of our lower limbs is fundamental for everyday life. Have you ever thought about how many jobs – require you to spend many hours sitting, still or standing in the same position – can have a negative effect on the circulation, causing annoying imperfections on the skin in the most delicate areas of the legs?

Thinking about the well-being of the legs, Calzitaly has created a dedicated line that, thanks to the particular yarn called EMANA® with which it is made, allows to fight the imperfections of cellulite and gives a younger, elastic, beautiful and shiny skin.