• Brokante LEOPARD QUEEN Gloves (Unique, Warm, Comfy Microfibre)

Brokante LEOPARD QUEEN Gloves (Unique, Warm, Comfy Microfibre)

  • $20.00 AUD
  • $52.95 AUD

Leopard Queen Gloves - a new media of artistic expression
Fantastic designs manufactured in France. Every style is unique, every print tells a different story. Brokante gloves are all made of micro-fiber very warm and comfy.  Beautiful luxury gloves designed by Benjamin Cuier and Philippe Largueze. These stunning gloves are absolutely beautiful on the skin. Go on, take a chance... you wont regret this unique purchase.  


About Brokante
Originally from Grenoble, the historic capital of luxury gloves, the two designers, Benjamin Cuier and Philippe Larguèze, give a great blow in the traditional world of glove making and imagine the glove as a new artistic medium. Since the winter of 2008, the impertinence of FST with its flashy colors and its committed prints makes sensation with the consumers.  FST Handwear multiplies the artistic collaborations on certain models of the collection but also on ultra limited series in order to continuously reinvent its product ... the glove!