• Berthe French Hosiery Butterflies 30 Denier Pantyhose/Tights and Starts with Legs

Berthe French Hosiery Butterflies 30 Denier Pantyhose/Tights and Starts with Legs

  • $49.99

Berthe French Hosiery Butterflies 30 Denier Pantyhose/Tights and Starts with Legs

Gorgeous .... with a beautiful butterflies trail that really is unique. Silky, double covered, flat seam, cotton gusset.



79% Polyamide (Nylon)
12% Elastin
8% Polypropylene
1% Cotton  

 Denier: 30 denier (opaque sheer)

 Colours available :

 Black with Grey butterflies pantyhose / tights

Navy Blue with pink butterflies pantyhose tights



Made in France, using the best materials merino wool, lisle, silk and cashmere. The designs are inspired by current fashions, sometimes evoking the Japanese or Russian art, but also embodying by provocation this Anglo-Saxon Rebel spirit Berthe Aux Grands Pieds fre

Berthe is a queen, but not just any!

Historically , Bertrade nicknamed "Berthe Au Grand Pied" was none other than the mother of Charlemagne and the wife of Pépin le Bref. The story reports that she had one foot bigger than the other, even a club foot.

From the origin of the creation of the mark of Berthe Aux Grands Pieds, I wanted an exclusively French manufacture.  La Manufacture Perrin SA which became the historical partner of Berthe Aux Grands Pieds. 
This Knitting Factory, founded in 1924, is a Living Heritage Company (EPV). Based in Montceau-les-Mines, she has real expertise and unique in the manufacture of high-quality socks. A hundred people qualified in knitwear work there.

The marketing of these brands has allowed the direct confrontation with the consumers, to better understand their expectations, their desires, their brakes, their motivations too. The market is an experience in itself of the life, the everyday, the inhabitants in their universe, it is direct retail from the creator to the consumers.
In the market, customers can touch and test materials, judge colors. Each flagship product in the collection is presented, every detail is crucial.

In 2003 , the brand knew a turning point thanks to the sales force of my manufacturer and partner La Manufacture Perrin SA: we decided to launch on the French market the first Berthe Aux Grands Pieds collection.
In 2004 , we introduced a new line of products with the launch of the first collection of tights, stockings and knee socks made from microfiber. This production is entirely made in a family business of 25 people located in Nîmes in Gard. Success is immediate. The tights tell a story, it's new in this universe!

Some accessories like scarves, mittens, gloves, hats quickly complete these ranges of footwear.

What makes me particularly "vibrate" is that "BERTHE" allows the maintenance of jobs of more than 190 people in France: GOD SAVE BERTHE!