• Berthe Dagobert Perrin French Cotton Reversible Mens Socks (Grey/Orange)

Berthe Dagobert Perrin French Cotton Reversible Mens Socks (Grey/Orange)

  • $39.99 AUD
  • $39.99 AUD

Starts with Legs - Berthe Dagobert Perrin French Reversible Socks unique to the world......  

Retro scooters or solid color  Dagobert sock reversed reversible for all undecided and awake who want to ensure Scooters or color? Why choose when you can have both! These reversible socks will be ideal for all undecided! Derived from a sports sock knitting technique, reversible Dagobert socks at Envers are ideal for hiking, walking or running. Indeed, it is superimposed double socks that reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe and, ultimately, the formation of blisters.
80% Cotton
18% Polyamide
2% Elastane

Colours available :
Grey with Orange Interior


About Dagobert
Dagobert à l’envers is the only collection of reversible men and women’s underwear to be found in the market place you can also mix and match! The boxer shorts and socks feature different colour patterns to suit your mood and desire anytime day or night!