Starts with Legs - Martin Pedersen Childrens Hosiery


You can see the quality - This is great for children

MP has been producing quality socks & tights in Europe for over 60 years. MP stands for Martin Pederson, the original owner.  Martin and his son Paul were obsessed with quality and comfort of their products and that tradition continues until today.

The company manufactures their products using the best materials and the most innovative machines. All the designs are developed on the sophisticated computers that create one of a kind MP Denmark designs.  MP tights, socks, knee-heights, hats and mittens are fun, colorful and total quality. The brand uses the best quality & longest cotton or wool fiber. The leg & hat wear is pre-shrunk; this way it will stay beautiful after washing time after time. Additionally, MP products have an interlocking toe and seam. This is very important since you do not want to feel any knots when you are wearing our products. 

MP does extensive testing on all products they produce to make sure retail customer will be completely satisfied with the product.  . MP spends a large amount of time visiting the mayor fashion hubs of the world making sure we match the latest European fashion colors.

 MP always makes sure your child is always in style and their products will always match latest European clothing lines.

MP fashion collection holds innovative designs of socks, tights and knit accessories. All styles are in seasonal patterns and colours. With focus on what children need in a certain age - babies, girls, boys, teens.

Founded in Herning in Denmark in 1937 - therefore 75 years experience in creating the best products. Happy Feet which thrive. This is achieved through innovative designs of socks, tights and knit accessories of the finest quality and with unique fit.