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 Starts with Legs/ Falke Fashion Hosiery


This product is quality and looks superb.


Falke was founded in 1895 in Scmallenberg, Germany, and is now synonymous with quality hosiery, ladies and men's clothing and sportswear. 

Falke  is famous for it's high quality hosiery selection,and its  use of fine materials. Resulting in an elegant look  and  fabulous feeling  on your legs.  Falke offers a variety of tights, stockings and knee highs. Falke is known for the quality, durability and elegance.

In 2011 the FALKE Group generated sales amounting to EUR 240 million. 43% of the sales were achieved abroad.

At its headquarters in Schmallenberg and its subsidiaries in Dorfchemnitz, Portugal, Slovakia as well as South Africa, the Group employs a staff of 3,100 worldwide.