Starts with Legs - Cervin Fashion Hosiery



Starts with Legs - Cervin Fashion Hosiery



This is indulgence and luxury. 



Cervin Paris is the hosiery brand of L’ ARSOIE, a French company. As early as the 1920’s, Germain Massal the founder made silk-stockings that he dispatched in luxury boxes to the Royal and Imperial Courts of Europe.

Three generations of the Massal family have ensured that Cervin Paris hosiery remains amongst the very finest available today.

Cervin is the only company worldwide able to make genuine crystal nylon fully-fashioned seam stockings, 100% silk, and cashmere/silk stockings in the old traditional way, each pair requiring one hour of work. 

L'Arsoie is in the countryside of the Cevennes, the company is the last 100% French manufacturer.

Cervin Paris has always had the reputation of producing very fine stockings hardly visible on the leg, with unique transparency. 

Cervin is known for its Genuine seam stockings, production of casual articles such as silk/lycra, cashmere and very fine tights.