Trinny & Susannah Shapewear SUPER SLIM SLIP

  • $99.95 AUD
  • $99.95 AUD

Starts with Legs Trinny & Susannah Belgium Shapewear

SO MANY FEATURES WITH this new generation of seamless, extra comfortable and stretch strong shaping. Made from a new Smart Fiber which is thinner and stronger than ever before, making it more flexible and easier to take on and off. Breathable, ultra thin cooling effect and allows you to wear your own bra. 
Adjustable straps
Flattens the tummy
Accentuates the waist
Reduces fat rolls from thighs to rib cage
Banishes saddlebags
Lifts the bottom

    Brand Nationality

      48% Polyamide (Nylon)
      52% Elastin

      Extra Large



      Cette Belgian Legwear and Shapewear

      The high quality of manufacturing combined with the use of the latest technology and a fantastic feel for styles and designs makes Cette very popular with women who look for the ideal tights, nylon knee socks and tights for every occasion and any season of the year. Whether transparent, opaque, microfiber or cotton Cette offers the whole range, making legwear dreams come true for women of all ages and sizes. Cable knit, fine openwork knitting, as well as graphic and floral patterns of all kinds are available. Furthermore, the demand for functionality is not neglected, tights and knee highs with compression capabilities are as much part of the range as shapewear, underwear and tights.