Kunert FLY & CARE COTTON COMPRESSION Mens Knee High Socks 888800

  • $35.95 AUD

Starts with Legs & Kunert - Germany's Premium Hosiery 

Supportive skin friendly cotton knee socks against tired legs

Lufthansa Officially Licensed Product - First class comfort for your legs.

Soft,skin friendly cotton mix. The FLY & CARE MENS COTTON KNEE HIGH SOCKS help reduce fatigue of the legs thanks to the gradual, anatomical support with support class 3. They are ideal for long standing or sitting and for traveling of any kind. 
To relieve your legs from the daily stress of standing or sitting for a long time, the FLY & CARE COTTON MENS COMPRESSION KNEE SOCKS with Gradient Support Level 3 helps reduce the fatigue of your legs. 
Kunert added another masterpiece to the awesome "Fly & Care" collection: these sophisticated, even textured matte tights attractively style the legs and offer them great relief at the same time. The strong class 3 support is ideally graduated to effectively assist the blood circulation. Refreshing, soothing and vitalizing this sock successfully prevents fatigue or swellings. Plus, the support effect is integrated in the brief. The ideally pressure-free fit in the shoes is enabled by the seamless inverted heels (Kunert patented Comfort Heel). High-class materials and exquisite manufacture have created a long lasting support tight of perfect functionality and impressive elegance. The elegant look is combined with the support of your legs. The mattte hosiery range by KUNERT round off your outfit in the office, in the car or on air travel perfectly.

Brand Nationality


60% Cotton
35% Polyamide (Nylon) 
5% Elastin
1 (39-40)
2 (41-42)
3 (43-44)
4 (45-46)
5 (47-48)
6 (49-50)




The brand Kunert stands for premium quality hosiery made in Germany for women and men. Kunert's collection includes tights, leggings, stockings, and socks made of precious and innovative materials, yarns and natural fibers. Comfortable basics are available as well as products in stylish and trendy patterns and colours. Kunert also produces items providing functionalities such as shapewear, compression and climate regulation. Whether you opt for a natural bare leg appearance in nude shades or for shapewear or compression functionality, all Kunert products are skillfully designed and made for fulfilling the highest standards with regard to appearance, fit and durability.