Latest trends and quality. The luxurious Italian brand Trasparenze pride themselves on providing quality fashion hosiery. They identify the latest catwalk trends each season and create fashionable yet wearable products. Trasparenze Company has been known for more than 30 years. They bring to the world of fashion all kinds of hosiery. Having very experienced and fearless designers on board make them unique and well recognized for absolutely unexpected and stunning designs, styles and colors. Many fashion Clothes designers use Trasparenze styles to complete their collections.

Trasparenze hosiery are well known for its quality fashion pantyhose. The Italian brand Transparenze boasts a firm grasp on the latest trends yet it's hosiery products manage to maintain a timeless quality. Trasparenze offers a selection of tights, pantyhose, leggings and thigh highs in both classic and fashion styles.

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