Marie Antoilette Hosiery Chouette Tights - Starts with Legs


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Marie Antoilette Hosiery Chouette Tights - Starts with Legs

Marie Antoilette Hosiery Chouette Tights - Starts with Legs

Unique style for the daring. Stunning colouring which will brighten any outfit. With tones of dark grey running through the background these tights will look fantastic in winter brightening up those dull outfits. Be daring, go on.






50 (almost opaque) 



Marie Antoilette is a unique brand from France. The hosiery is designed by owner and creator Valerie whom gets her inspiration from the women around her. "She watches the women around her, in the street, the subway, she dreams of drawings that adapt to the leg." Each of the Marie Antoilette designs is original and different to anything else on the market. In 2014 Marie Antoilette tights received the prize of lingerie intima creator at the international lingerie fair.


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