Paris Stay Ups/Hold Ups Black/Tendresse (Plus Size) - Cette Hosiery

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Paris Stay Ups/Hold Ups Black/Tendresse (Plus Size) - Cette Hosiery

Paris Stay Ups/Hold Ups Black/Tendresse (Plus Size) by Cette Hosiery and Starts with Legs 

Satin, wide real lace top, transparent toes, 20 denier.



90% polyamide
10% elastin



20 (sheer) 


Colours available: 

  • Black stay ups/hold ups 
  • Off White stay ups / Hold ups
  • Tenderesse (natural) stay ups/hold ups 
  • Also available in White/Off White S/M/L and Black/Red S/M/L (refer website details)



Founded in 1958, Cette has become the leading Belgian Hosiery and Shapewear manufacturer. 
Exporting hosiery to around 40 countries worldwide, Cette provides luxury products to all customers that are looking for that special piece of fine gauge knitted legwear or shapewear. 


Special consideration needs to be given to stay-ups because of the delicate rows of silicone on the thigh bands. Before wearing, avoid the use of creams, ointments and talc powders, as they may bond with the silicone bands and neutralise their ability to adhere to the legs. Wash in lukewarm water, preferably using a mild shampoo. Avoid hot water as it will damage the silicone. Lie them flat to dry.

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